Who's Who Carbon Fiber Leather iPhone 3G cases?

If you are following our previous post on Twine limited edition iPhone 3G cases (Coming Soon) by, then we would like you to check around this Who's who iPhone 3G cases post. For some die hard iPhone 3G fans who always search for coolest iPhone 3G cases, the Carbon Fiber Leather Case by should be under their radar. What a conincident that case-mate and are selling almost look alike design - we are pointing to the design pattern of case and the use of carbon fiber leather. Nothing wrong for both companies to use the same material and look alike design to please iPhone 3G users.

Get to know more about the coolest iPhone 3G cases market and trend before punching your credit card number at the purchase confirmation page.

Here the images of the above-mentioned iPhone 3G cases. Left is case-mate's carbon fiber leather iPhone 3G case and right is the yet to release Twine (also carbon fiber leather) by Spotted the different? Are they working closely with the same OEM service provider?

(Image Source: Left image -, right image -
Case-mate's Carbon Fiber Leather iPhone 3G case selling for $79.99 (Holster combo design)
More-concepts's Twine - Carbon Fiber Leather iPhone 3G case - Coming Soon, price N/A.

Spend smartly and check the prices for your next coolest iPhone cases, just in case you are price sensitive person like us. Nothing wrong to watch out for the dollar meter as we spend nowadays. Happy shopping.

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