Cool iPhone Cases With Vintage Look

Your next cool iPhone cases can be a special buy if you know where to find them. The iPhone case makers and sellers also can sell their product like a hot cake if they know how to be different from others. Selling cool iPhone cases can be a simple thing even in current credit crunch period.

We would like to share more about earth friendly, recycled materials and gorgeous vintage iPhone cases created by Breigh Stanfield. She has been designing and making these functional and stylish iPhone cases for techies and friends from salvaged cereal boxes, vintage fabric and ribbons. Below images demonstrate the design and workmanship of cool iPhone case that made from vintage debris that can be found under the bed of grandma.

cool iPhone cases - vintage debris cases(Image source:

Outfit your latest iPhone with cool iPhone cases handmade by creative gal that design only one-of-a-kind iPhone cases. Wrap your iPhone with recycled materials can be an interesting experience if you are the guy who have GREEN in mind. Carry your precious iPhone in style with the recycled materials in hand can be the next in-thing. We are totally support the move to design and manufacture such cool iPhone cases by using recycled materials and avoid materials that harm the environment.

Price: from USD 42-55.

Check for more cool iPhone cases that made by vintage debris.

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