Awesome Christmas Gift - Cool iPhone Cases by Ivyskin

Ivyskin is launching the ever cool iPhone cases this month by introducing Quattro T-Series iPhone 3G cases - by introducing 3 series cool iPhone cases in one go to pump up your Christmas shopping spirits in this ever hard time. Ivyskin's new launch iPhone cases is a great signal to show that the iPhone cases market is full of potential even in the economic hard time. Or rather to say that Ivyskin is optimistic with this year Christmas shopping sentiment.

No matter what the true is, Ivyskin is for sure getting attention by flooding the iPhone cases market with a series of features pack cool iPhone cases. You will easily see some ultimate features that a cool iPhone case qualified for in the new Ivyskin iPhone 3G cases.

We also notices that With Quattro iPhone cases, Ivyskin's is offering the market a second to none protection for your iPhone 3G. And it's also offering the best of both worlds - hard carbonate case meets soft silicone case = Ivyskin's Quattro series. So, we believed you'll have no problem to make a choice of your next cool iPhone cases in this year Christmas shopping list.

iPhone 3G Quattro-T1 Polysilicon Case
A two tone color combos cool iPhone case that immediate differential your style with other, while the integrated features will take care your precious iPhone 3G without fail. In order to be in the line of Quattro cool iPhone case, the Quattro-T1 iphone 3G case is pack with feature that best to serve your iPhone - it comes with Shock Proof LEXoN, Solid Screen Protector, Solid Polycarbonate Protection.

ivyskin quattro T1 iPhone 3G case(Image Source:
Color: black, red, white, or blue
Price: US35$

iPhone 3G Quattro-T2 Glass Touch-Thru Case
A 4 layers of protection with full Glass Touch-Thru Screen for the iPhone 3G that make Quattro-T2 the coolest iPhone case in this new launch. Ivyskin without fail to put all protection features into Quattro-T2 case, while you still have a stylish full metal faceplate for added protection and style without excess bulk.

Quattro T2 cool iPhone cases by Source:
Color: black, red, or blue
Price: US45$

iPhone 3G Quattro™ T3 Glass Touch-Thru Armor
Quattro T3 case is a features pack iPhone 3G case with Ivyskin's patent pending Xylo Glass® Technology that promises to deliver only cool iPhone cases. A well-design two-piece, snap-on hard polycarbonate case with no time waste to access to all connectors. The main feature of this awesome iPhone case is the built-in Xylos Glass® screen protector that take care your precious iPhone 3G at the same time to show case your iPhone 3G with style and functionality. Worth to mention that the unique design of the T3 allows full 'dockability' while the case is in use.

ivyskin quattro T3 cool iPhone case best christmas gift(Image Source:
Color: white, red, blue, or black
Price: US45$

Of course you will thinking of what to be the awesome Christmas gift for you and your love one, hang-up with us if you want to search for the coolest iPhone cases for this Christmas.

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