Cool iPhone Cases With Expanded Battery life

What is the most practical cool iPhone cases you can think of when you are shopping for a Christmas gift? To many iPhone heavy users,the iphone cases that bring extended power and protection is the only asnwer. Start to think from this direction - the cool iPhone cases with extended battery life,integrated sync and charge capabilities is what we always want to have.

Incase Power Slider iPhone 3G case will be the hot selling Christmas gifts when it's available by the 28th November. Incase Power Slider iPhone 3G case is surely a cool iPhone case that come with built in battery pack that will double the battery life of your 3G iPhone.

Incase Power Slider Cool iPhone case_front and side views(Image source:
Don't be fooled by the low profile black color and the thickness of the Incase Power Slider case. It's will be you next cool iPhone case that promise power solution to your iPhone 3G and allow your iPhone play music as long as you want to.With this complementary design iphone case, Incase is head to head compete with Ivyskin's Bundled Quattro-T4 case.
Extended battery life cool iPhone cases by Incase(Image source:
Easily to see that the iPhone cases market is matching to the direction of providing expanded battery life besides protection and aesthetic value. That's the direction we want to see the market move to. We also hope for more cool iPhone cases with high value and extra power with lower price in 2009.

Price: Will update ASAP we have it.

Available November 28th.

Shop online earlier for cool iPhone cases and make sure your purchase reach your door step 3 days before Christmas eve. Heavy online orders are expected by Christmas 2008.Avoid online crowd as you avoid offline crowd.

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