Cool Italian Leather iPhone Cases by OCTO

We have just discovered these cool iPhones 3G cases from and we think it is the perfect iPhone case for those style savvy and sophisticated iPhone lovers. Stand out from the crowd this Christmas with OCTO cases! These Italian Leather iPhone cases are handmade from top of the class luxurious Italian leather what's more you can customize the color & embellishments that you desire. If you are looking for top quality iPhone leather cases you have to check up OCTO leather cases - Cool iPhone cases that only make for perfection is the only offer from OTCO.
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OCTO leather iPhone cases comes in 2 designs, the Italian Ribbon Pull Release and Italian Leather With Optional Beltclip. Both cool iPhone cases guarantees to provide protection with without hampering your style.

Italian Leather Ribbon Pull Release iPhone 3G Cases
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The Ribbon Pull Release cases enables your iPhone to glide out smoothly from the micro-fiber lining while the Beltclip version with it's attractive metal clip allows you to show off you iphone 3G clipped at hip. To satisfy the wild in you, opt for the embossed crocodile skin pattern. You can't go wrong with these cool iPhone cases with it's attractive colours and high quality stainless steel embellishments.

Italian Leather Optional Beltclip iPhone 3G cases
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Both designs are 108 x 68 x 16mm and comes in attractive packaging. Get your cool iPhone cases shopping list done before 20th Dec 08 to ensure timely delivery. For a limited period, receive your attractive OCTO leather iPhone case or cases free of shipping charges for a limited period. Cool iPhone cases from OCTO can be your perfect Christmas gifts!

Price: $69

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