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Christmas is a great moment to share love with your family and friends. One of our favorite iPhone cases maker - make no mistake to launch the most talk about cool iPhone Nano cases. However, iPhone Nano still in the dark and no official news from Apple about the launch. We're don't care about the rumors out there but we saw start selling iPhone Nano cases online. All together 17 cool iPhone Nano cases on sale. Buy the cool iPhone Nano cases from (for the time being) if you believe that the iPhone Nano is going to the next big thing for 2009. We will see the true of iPhone Nano very soon.

We share with you some of the cool iPhone Nano cases available at Nothing much different from iPhone or iPhone 3G cases available at this moment except of the measurement - it's smaller and cuter. However we are really excited to wait for the launch of the new generation iPhone, be it a Marco or Nano iPhone. To all cool iPhone cases collectors and lovers, we just love iPhone and iPhone Nano.

(Images via Cool iPhone Cases)
Price: $23-$27

"We Wish All Of Our Families And Friends A
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 -
World Peace!

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