Waiting for All New Cool iPhone 3G S Cases

Wait no more, here come the long waiting iPhone 3G S. As you already heard from WWDC09, the new iPhone 3G S will be in the Apple store start on next week. To our great interest, what about the cool iPhone 3G S cases? Will it be the same to corrent iPhone 3G. There are so many iPhone 3G mania our there start searching for the all new cool iPhone cases for iPhone 3G S.

From the new price range of iPhone 3G S of $199/299 with larger disk size, we expected more smartphone users who stay at the boarder line will jump ship and start to signup one from AT&T. Worth to mention is about the out going iPhone 3G, it will only cost you $99 dollar for a 24 month plan. Look like the Apple is very much care about the market share of smartphone. Chearper iPhone 3G S with better smartphone function and iphone Apps should be the direction to win the battle.

We will waiting for more news release of the all new cool iphone 3G S cases. The accessories and cases, cover or skin of iPhone 3G will hit the new high because more and more people afford or more willingly to own an iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G due to the slashing of price.

all new cool iphone 3G S cases

(Image: Apple.com)

Price: $199 for 16G / $299 for 32G for new sign up with AT&T 24 month plan. Check Apple website for more details.


The new release iPhone 3GS will have the same dimensions as the 3G so existing cases should fit the your new iPhone 3GS well. What a great retreat to our collection of cool iPhone cases, we can recycle or even go for exchange with friends of our existing iPhone 3G cases.

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