Cool iPhone accessories - JAVOedge Metal Screen Cover

Another "cool iPhone accessories" that make you stand out from the rest of the iPhone buddies with this stylish, check out the tough "JAVOedge Metal Screen Cover" today!

As you can search from the internet, JAVOedge Metal Screen Cover is the perfect balance iPhone accessories that provide both protection and style to your iPhone. It's a iPhone accessories that never sacrifice the beautiful of iPhone.

What make the JAVOedge Metal Screen Cover so special? I considered the design and material use to manufacture this cover. It's a cover not a case like other leather or silicon case. The idea of using oven spray painted aircraft grade aluminum provides a perfect iPhone accessory with a high level of protection, lightweight and style that you dream of. Worth to introduce is the inner part of the Metal Screen Cover - the use of Neoprene foam lining on the inner surface that contact directly to your iPhone that preventing small bump and scratch damage. This design element alone worth to take for credit and show the high quality of it design.

Another design element that worth to mention here is the way to use this cover - while the cover is wear on, accessing iPhone's touchscreen will be a breeze with the Metal Cover's ability to attach to either the front or back of the iphone. Have it on the front for protection during standby time and flip it around to protect the back from your palm while you working on the front touchscreen. This dual protection work well both way - while your iPhone isone standby mode or in work mode.

See Following images to check more details of JAVOedge Metal Screen Cover!!

Consider this JAVOedge tough and sleek metal screen cover for your iPhone! It's the perfect iPhone accessory for iPhone buddies who always looking for maximum protection without the bulky design of conventional iPhone cases. This is truly the first iPhone case that will add protection at the same time bring you style. Let your iPhone buddies talk about your new iPhone accessory as you show off your newly bought JAVOedge Metal Screen Cover today.


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