Coolest iPhone Accessories - Dare To Be Different Try ColorWare

"Coolest iPhone Accessories - Dare To Be Different, try ColorWare"! What can I say about this greatest idea to be different among iPhone Users!! All Thumbs Up!!

If you always want to stand out from the crowd and think that having an "original look" iPhone has become too common, all your friend having one, then it's time to bring some colour to your iPhone and your life.

Great to know that ColorWare's custom paintjob for the iPhone is something very different in the market of how to dress up your electronic gadgets, especially your iPhone. For those of you that still wonder what's custom paintjob, now it's the time to know it and get one of their many custom service for you iPhone.

ColorWare is the leading company in custom painting electronics, starting with PC gaming and lately with Apple products, and has a 4 year experience in this field.

You can either send your iPhone to be painted for a $149 fee, and your pimped out iPhone will be back in 2 or 3 weeks with the design you wanted. If you don't already own a standard iPhone and want to start directly with a colored one, you can buy one brand new from ColorWare at $649 for the 4GB model and $749 for the 8GB one. No detail of price for the latest 16GB iPhone, guess it's coming soon.

There are around 30 colors (standard and metalic) to use for designing your iphone by using the amazing yet simple to use online platform - the "Visual Design Studio" where you are allow to preview your creative way to custom mixed of colours for your iPhone - with the posibility to paint any panel of the iPhone in a different color (back, bottom, frame, front button, logo, earbuds and dock).

Here are some of the art works of the custom paintjob that I get my hand on. Cheers!

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