Cool iPhone Accessories That Worth To Have

"Cool iPhone Accessories That Worth To Have" - It's sound like a strong advertising campaign. What about a lifetime guarantee product that promise something that make feel worth to buy one?

Many iPhone users already bought one of this well design yet pratical iPhone accessories. Some people may not like the boring and charmless clear film. No matter what is your decision, a protective layer or film is a much have accessories to protect your iPhone from scratch and more importantly from coffee or water.

What make this little invisible shield some special? According to the maker of this thinnest protective clear film:

"The invisibleSHIELD™ has its origins in the military where it was designed to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from getting scratched by rocks and debris. If it can protect helicopter blades spinning at hundreds of miles per hour, imagine what the invisibleSHIELD™ can do to protect your iPhone while in your pocket!"

What you will get from this simple yet powerful packet:
1. 2 pieces of tough, clear film (front and back)
2. Lifetime guarantee card (wear or scratch guarantee)
3. 2 bottle of cleansing solution
4. Invisible Shield clear film (2 mm thick)

Please check InvisibleShield web site for more details of Lifetime Guarantee

If you're still not convinced, please watch this video demo and see for yourself how strong the invisiblSHIELD™ really is.

This 6:45 minutes long video telling you what this incredible protective shield can help to save guard your iPhone. If you are in the hurry, just fast forward the video to 3 minutes to see how this shield protect your iPhone from water splash.

How Much:
Full Body Coverage $24.95
Front Coverage $14.95

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