Cool iPhone Cases - OtterBox iPhone case

Another "Cool iPhone Cases - OtterBox iPhone case"? Meet the OtterBox iPhone Defender™ Series and OttexBox iPhone Armor™ Series.

Got to know OtterBox iPhone case last year but not really take it as a cool iphone case. Why? Because of the design (outlook), it was not impressed me at all. The design form factor obviously not come close to any branded iPhone accessories in the market.

The reason I write about this OtterBox iPhone Case is because of the CES 2008 reviews that made this iphone case stand up. There are 2 series of OtterBox iPhone case - iPhone Defender™ Series and iPhone Armor™ Series.

The reason I said OtterBox iPhone case unattractive was because of the look of iPhone Armor™ Series. But I learned something from CES website about the iPhone Defender™ Series. The worth to mention factor of this iPhone case was because of the Semi Waterproof function. If you are interesting with OttexBox iPhone case because of this special function, then you have to take read below Official Statement from OttexBox website, the statement read like below:

*Note: This case is NOT fully waterproof, but will protect against light rain and precipitation. Otter Products is not responsible for personal property when used in the incorrect case. For more details, please see our warranty.

Check this Instructional video from OttexBox

This video shows how to install and use an Apple iPhone in an OtterBox Defender series case.

Learn from the video about the form factor of the design and compare it with other iPhone cases - with the similar function, not price, you will easily see why this OttexBox Deffender series case out do many iphone cases out there.

It got look and slim, with 3 Layers of Protection as stated at the OttexBox site.

There are easily hundred of iPhone cases with great design and function, but when come to waterproof, please carefully choose from the sea of cool iPhone accessoris, not all cool thing are really cool when come to performance and functionality, not to mention value for money, but with OttexBox iPhone case - Defender series you can relax and have a ais Coke and iPhone in your hands at the same time.

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