Cool iPhone Cases by Miniot iWood Case

"Cool iPhone Case by Miniot iWood Case". Wood can be as cool as metal if we are creative enough.

Your scenario:
Bought an iPhone but failed to impress your family members and friends because "iPhone Phenomena" no longer a talking point to many people? Or you already bought some cool iphone gadgets as your iphone accessories but still fail to capture their focus point. So, now you owned many iphone cases that made of silicon, superior plastic, leather, metal or even you already compiled a long list of cool iphone accessories that might look like following: (below are tip of the iceberg of iphone accessories that can be categorized under iPhone cases)

Hard cases for iPhone, iPhone Skin cases, Top cases for iPhone , iPhone Side cases, iPhone Flip-lid cases, iPhone Body Skins (or iPhone full body skins), iPhone Form-Fit cases, iPhone Holsters, Metal cases for iPhone, Pocket Pouches for iPhone , iPhone Workout cases (or Sporty cases for iPhone), Extended Battery Set for iPhone, iPhone Weather Resistant cases, iPhone Organizer cases, iPhone Fashion cases...the list goes on and on...

With all these coolest iphone cases in your hand, you should be able to stand up from the coffee table? If not, maybe you should catch their attention by adding one more totally cool iphone cases to your list.

iPhone Accessories Solution: try Miniot iWood iPhone Case
The case is carved from single piece of carefully selected finest wood (Oak, Mahogany, Walnut or Padouk) with your choice of monogram, personal messages or even your company logo engraved on the back of the Miniot iWood iPhone case. Not cool enough? What about added on a thin piece of polycarbonate across the front and a proper cut-outs for camera, headphones, buttons and dock connector - and let you use your iPhone as normal without stopping you from experiencing the all doable iPhone.

Miniot iWood iPhone Case considered upmarket iphone accessories that targeted big spender that want to add extra aesthetic value to their iPhone. I like to own this wood made iphone case but the only catch is the price - min $110.

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