Official Apple iPhone Accessories Unveiled

"Official Apple iPhone Accessories Unveiled?" It's necessary to learn the history and development of iPhone and all matter about iPhone including iPhone accessories, application and software - if you are one of the many Apple die hard fan.

Yes, many iPhone users are not really familiar with iPhone accessories developement, here we are unveiled the all time famous official apple iphone accessories for knowledge for all.

With the images and price guide given (check for price updates, if nay) hope many of you have a better understanding of how much you should spend or what you can get from with your budget.

Here's the Official Apple iPhone Accessories Price Guide Recap:
  • iPhone Bluetooth headset - $129 (you should be able to use any Bluetooth headset with your iPhone)
  • Apple USB Power Adapter - $29 (if you own an iPod, you probably already have this)
  • iPhone Dock - $49
  • Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable - $19
  • iPhone Dual Dock - $49 ("Give both your iPhone and your iPhone Bluetooth Headset a place to call home")
  • iPhone Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack - $9
  • iPhone Stereo Headset - $29
  • iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable - $29
  • AirPort Extreme Base Station - $179
  • iPhone TTY Adapter - $9

More information is available on Apple's site.

The awareness of Official Apple iPhone Accessories is necessary since the iphone accessories is flooded with countless so call "cool iphone accessories" yet many of them are copying design from each other. Sorry for the statement but that's the fact how Made in China iphone accessories get into the market and fatten the pocket of manufactures and reseller of iPhone accessories all the time.

Support the Official Apple iPhone Accessories only if you really want to taste the Total Experience of Apple. Bravo!

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