iPhone 3G Cases - iWood by Miniot

So far we are spotted a list of iPhone 3G cases that will some how rock the iPhone 3G accessories market in weeks time. This round we spotted another high price iPhone cases maker is starting to participate in the ever hottest iPhone accessories market.

Miniot is going to introduce their best selling yet eye catching iWood for iPhone 3G cases series. iWood is a complete piece of iPhone case, from the design selection and color range you will easily spotted that Miniot is perfect choice for iPhone users who prefer customization. This fantastic iPhone 3G cases is consider the second generation of current iPhone cases.

Not to worry about the accessibility to all iPhone 3G button and connector point. iWood iPhone 3G owners will only get a piece of fully accessible and function able iPhone 3G case.

To us, the down side of iWood iPhone 3G cases is the PRICE. It cost about $120 per piece. About 60% of the new iPhone 3G 8G set that price for $199. No matter what, someone out there will like and buy only coolest iPhone cases. Things you will get besides the cool iPhone case are:

  1. Natural protection for you new 3G iPhone - everyone need that huh!
  2. Carved from a single piece of the finest woods - no sure where the woods come from.
  3. With you monogram, logo or personal message engraved on the case - everyone know that it's your new iPhone 3G.

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