iPhone 3G Cases - Meet The Speck ToughSkin

iPhone 3G Cases - Meet The Speck ToughSkin for iPhone 3G. It's just another piece of cool iPhone 3G case in the market.

Many iPhone case makers and designers released their "going to be" the best selling iPhone 3G cases right after Jobs's announcement of the iPhone 3G. Big name accessory maker Speck fast enough to reveal its first iPhone 3G case as response to Jobs's announcement. So far Speck has revealed 2 models iPhone 3G cases - The ToughSkin and the SeeThru.

Speck ToughSkin iPhone 3G case is a rugged rubberized case with ultra sporting element and come with an elevated grip that provide additional protection against drops and accidental damages. Speck ToughSkin iPhone 3G is design with functionality without adding unwanted bulk, for example the bottom of the case is design to be flip back for easy docking purpose, you will be no limit to access iPhone 3G buttons and controls. The removable belt clip is included for wearing the case as a holster and you can carry your new iPhone 3G the way you like.

The Speck ToughSkin iPhone 3G case is truly the ToughSkin 2.0.

Price : $34.95

* According the Speck, ToughSkin iPhone 3G case
is out of stock and will be available on 07/28/2008. It's mean the cool iPhone 3G cases is SOLD OUT???

This case fits on the iPhone 3G, it does not fit on the older model iPhone, or other cell phones or iPods.

Hmmm....feel the heat now and it is getting hotter and hotter. Who do you an iPhone 3G that can do almost any tasks with just one device and the damn good news is the jet black 8G iPhone 3G is for $199, 2 years plan. The more Apple sell the iPhone 3G the more iPhone 3G cases will be sold in the same styles.

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