Expecting Price War of Current iPhone Cases...

Expecting Price War of Current iPhone Cases...and welcoming the new iPhone 3G cases.

As Jobs is introduced the iPhone 3G (a.k.a iPhone 2.0 - becasuse of the software update) during WWDC 2008, the world's iPhone supporters are going crazy for another round and this time their response to the new iPhone 3G is as great as the last year June iPhone launched. According to Simon, the die hard Mac supporter since he owned his first Apple Computer 20 years ago, he is getting very excited about the iPhone 3G especially the White set that come with 16G. However, Simon is not the only guy who is crazy about iPhone 3G launch, Selina, the 14 years old girl even start saving her pocket money and waiting for a hack version of the 8G iPhone 3G. To me, I am more excited about the development of the iPhone 3G cases and what the new design will be flooded the marketing, this time it is a world wide market, 70 countries to be exactly.

I am doubt that what will happen to the current iPhone cases in the market? A series of price war is expected now since the new iPhone 3G is come with make over design especially for the back cover, rounded and plastic design. So, the answer for this make over iPhone 3G, more cool iphone cases will be flooded the market anytime from now. Google around the net, you will find something iPhone cases that you like with a huge cut of price or even bundle sales will be the trend to help the iPhone cases seller and maker to clear of the stock and fill up with iPhone 3G cases.

Here quick intro of the our finding. The EXO Mask iPhone 3G by XSKN, one design come with 13 color, price for $24.95. Below image from also reported about the same iPhone 3G case.

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