The World Need Whole New iPhone Cases for 3G iPhone 2.0

New 3G iPhone to Sell for $199, Available July 11 in US. Yup, you are rigth! Jobs finally released news about the new 3G iPhone or iPhone 2.0 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference at Moscone West in San Francisco on 9 June 2008!

Jobs answer the burning questions: the new 3G phone really cost as little as $200. It's a big huha news for iPhone fans worldwide. For $199 you will get the 8G iPhone, 16 GB for $299 and comes with a white one. No new models, that the sad news for iPhone supporter who is expected a new design. The new iPhone is only slightly different from the original iPhone. It is not as wide as the first vesion one but the back of the iPhone has been changed from metal to plastic - Oops... Apple engineers have failed us this time (for 1st time). The only good news besides the obvious inclusion of 3G and SDK is that the 16GB new iPhone will be available in white - but you have to pay $100 more for the white one. From the image below, it is look liek the New 3G iPhone is also thicker compared to the first version - Oops... Apple engineers have failed us again (for the 2nd time).

(Image source: phonesavior.com)
Our question here is we need new iPhone cases for the latest version of 3G iPhone 2.0. Since it's small in wide and thicker, currently iPhone cases may not fit enough to house the 3G iPhone 2.0. The iPhone makers have to come out some new design for the iPhone. However, some current iPhone cases maybe good to fit with the latest iPhone and what we will see is another iPhone cases war in the market. Say yah to the new iPhone cases 2.0!

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