Speck PixelSkin Case - The Latest Cool iPhone 3G Case

Speck PixelSkin Case is the latest iPhone 3G Case that come with striking 6 color that "bling bling" your friends eyes. What more? The Speck PixelSkin iPhone 3G cases are also belongs to lightweight (to be exact 4.0oz)iPhone 3G case category. It's completely applying the design concept of the form-fitting and come with textured tile pattern that provides no-slip grip and comfortable tactile feeling when you hold it in your hand. (similar design concept with Belkin Micro Grip iPhone 3G case). Not sure who will win the form-fitting iPhone 3G cases battle but the more the better for iPhone fans to choose from.

The case is design to access all openings of your 3G iPhone (all ports, control and sensor connection - super convenient accessibility). Speck PixelSkin Case is so simple to use - just slide the bottom of the iPhone 3G, access to the screen cutout then gently pull the top front corners of the iPhone.

Can you imagine that Speck PixelSkin Case is only 4.0oz in weight, 6 color to choose for. The only sad thing at this moment is the Speck PixelSkin iPhone 3G Case is out of stock and will be available on 07/28/2008. Please check peckproducts.com for confirmation of release date.

Price guide: $24.95 per piece.

Speck PixelSkin case for iPhone 3G(Image source: speckproducts.com)

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