Say Hello To GREEN iPhone 3G Cases

July 11, 2008 is the big day for many iPhone fans all over the world. 24 countries inside the new launch list are expected an iPhone 3G heat by that day so do the iPhone 3G accessories market. In fact, the market was heating up months before July 11. As the big fans of iPhone design and technology, we prefer something really WOW in the iPhone accessories market and not just the "common" self claimed coolest iPhone cases.

Needless to mention those big iPhone accessories and iPhone cases sellers and resellers already in the higher ground by launching countless iPhone cases and other surrounded accessories to pocket more profit this round compare to last year iPhone launch. The easy way to get yourself a iPhone case is by googling around and buy it online. No other way that more effective than online shopping. However, get ready to wait for the shipping time and many iPhone cases (by big brand) were out of stock due to high demand.

No matter you are an iPhone 3G observer or user, you will only come across more and more iPhone 3G accessories that flood the market and the good news should be more competative price in the market - for the average and middle range iphone accessories. There are forever of minority group of deep pocket spended ready for high end iphone 3G accessories like the previous diamond iPhone cases or gold iPhone cases that make a hit in the average market. So what next after July 11 iPhone 3G launch?

I am expecting the next coolest iPhone cases that totally innovative yet environment friendly - the earth need more GREEN so as the next iPhone 3G cases!

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