Creative Design iPhone 3G Cases by Gilty Couture

Gilty Couture present you the iPhone 3G Jewelry Bezel Gold case. Yet another gold made iPhone 3G case set to make wow in the iPhone accessories market.

It's time to share with you the special iPhone 3G case that made by company with ambitious to stand out from the iPhone accessories market. The company Gilty Couture is selling only iPod and iPhone cases is set to launch their latest Gilty Couture iPhone 3G Jewelry Bezel Gold Clear - a complete 14K iPhone case that sure win over many gold lover heart. Such a long name to tell you that their iPhone 3G cases have all beautiful accessories that able to beautify the iPhone 3G to the next level. There also use of sliver,sliver pink and chromium in the making of their iPhone 3G cases. The iPhone 3G cases in is their ever golden age and more funfair are set to hit the market when the rest of the countries in the list are start selling the iPhone 3G in short future.

This is our first time to know Gilty Couture is one of the many iPhone cases seller that offer only exclusive design of iPhone to Apple fans. The only thing that we have to say is the price. This is due to Gilty Couture use the popular material - gold and branded accessories as part of their design element. Gold iPhone case gaining attention of gold fans world wide so as to the iPhone case designers.

With this Gilty Conture iPhone case in hand, you will have better chance to shine when you use you iPhone in the dance floor. This iPhone 3G case definitely adds style and class to both the owner and the sexy iPhone. Party-animal will like to have their iPhone shining with dazzling stones around the edge of the case. However, you only accept for preorder at his moment and shipd only around August.

• 14k Gold plated jewelry quality finish.
• 138 hand set Swarovski Crystals.
• 1 piece bezel design with side wraps.
• Retains full access to all controls and ports without removing the iPhone.
• Protective EVA foam interior lining.
• Crafted to meet the specifications of the Apple iPhone 3G.
• Decorative rear tab with Gilty Couture engraving.
• Micropolish storage and cleaning pouch.
• Gilty Couture Wardrobe Box.™

Check out the back view of the iPhone case, it's smartly display the brand logo yet fully function to hold your iPhone.

The last thing we share with you about this cool iPhone 3G case is the price, it cost you a cool $159.99, about $40 cheaper than your 8G iPhone 3G.

Check our site for more iPhone 3G cases, you will likely to find one that you like from our growing collection of more than 50 iPhone cases and iPhone 3G cases. Have a nice day.

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