Practical iPhone 3G Jelly Cases by Amzer

Simon sharing with us his latest finding of the coolest iPhone 3G cases over the weekend. So we are going to share with you a series of beautiful yet colorful iPhone 3G cases - please welcome the iPhone 3G Jelly Case by Amzer. Amzer is one a US based company that selling wide range of gadget's accessories online. This round they comes out with 2 exclusive top of the line and creative design iPhone 3G Jelly Cases to celebrate the new launch iPhone 3G.

The selling point of Azmer's iPhone 3G Jelly Case is 100% premium synthetic rubber with FlexiGrip pattern on the back for firm and easy grip. We like the design concept of this iPhone 3G Jelly Case that able to keeps dust away from your iPhone, that make a lot of help when come to protection and maintenance. Like other rubber articles iPhone 3G cases, there is no problem for you to access to all critical controls in the speedy and fashion way - that what Apple's fans always want to attain.

Just for info of many new iPhone owners, Azmer's iPhone 3G Jelly Case is made from non sticky 100% premium synthetic rubber with revolutionary technology in mind - the FlexiGrip design technology provides you a comfortable grip on you device at the same time to protect your new iPhone from accidental damages.

If you really do your home work, you will find out that there are many similar iPhone 3G cases around the internet. But not all of them are up to the design standard especially the use of materials and coloring. You can buy a carton of these iPhone 3G cases with a very low price - I mean the Make in China OEM iPhone cases. The down side is the materials and coloring use in the production or it's completely safe with U.S. 21 F.D.A. Regulation Part 177.2600 (rubber articles)standard? The price is very extractive but bear in mind of the quality you will get from what you pay for.

We are going to do a simple visual comparison to find out the value of premium Azmer iPhone 3G Jelly Case. The black iPhone 3G case is by Amzer and the red is by wholesaler. See the different now? Nothing wrong to buy from the wholesaler, their price is about 10% from what you pay for Amzer iPhone 3G Jelly Case. Make you own decision because you are the smarter person who owned iPhone 3G.
You can check out more more coolest iPhone 3G cases from Fommy.com. The premium iPhone 3G Jelly Cases cost you $14.95 but you paid for something come with value. There are 7 color - Gray, White, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Clear and Black (the one I love the most)

Following video is a demo of iPhone 3G Jelly Case from Fommy.com. Have fun!

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