CapsuleNeo the Ultra-revolution iPhone Hard Case

SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo iPhone 3G hard case is the first full covered iPhone case in the market, design and build with ultra-revolutionary conept in mind. That right, SwitchEasy strike again in the iPhone Cases market by introducing this piece of coolest iPhone case. While, many of us are busy talking about the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G case, now we have SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo to continue the ever hottest discussion over the net.

We love CapsuleNeo iPhone 3G case with many reasons. The concept of using your iPhone as a "plain phone" is really something new to us. You have the choice to cover up all connectors of iPhone - that the meaning of plain phone. Dust and grime are the problem of the past when you have CapsuleNeo iPhone 3G case.

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The CapsuleNeo iPhone 3G cases is available in either black or white. Worth to mention are the use of creativity and technology in this creation of this cool iPhone cases. SwitchEasy is a real challenge for many iPhone accessories makers that follow behind it. Unlike most hard cases available out there, CapsuleNeo is totally fit to protect the delicate finishing surface of iPhone 3G. The specially developed patent pending Lexan® polycarbonate framing system and a extraordinary silicone solution from SwitchEasy is good to solve clip-ons fall result of the accidental impact. SwitchEasy also claimed that their CapsuleNeo iPhone case is the best impact resistant hard case by far in the market.

SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo iPhone Cases

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Price: $29.99. A good buy for a cool iPhone case like SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo iPhone cases that carefully design and properly build. Buy your next iPhone 3G cases with function and usability in mind.

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