Griffin Elan Form + Chilewich = Cool iPhone 4 Cases

Innovative design and unique features cool iPhone 4 cases are easily under the media spotlight or becomes the subject of immediate discussion once there were introduced to the market. This round, we want to reveal the success secret of iPhone cases product launch formula. Here the formula: Griffin Elan Form + Chilewich = Cool iPhone 4 Cases!

For our cool iPhone 4 cases 2011 collections, the Griffin Elan Form + Chilewich series is surely one of our awesome iPhone 4 case. It's a two-piece design with a top frame that completely snaps over the iPhone body. A classic design element that promised a better protection for your iPhone. The case body is made of polycarbonate and covered with the trademarked woven vinyl textile. What WOW me a lot is the soft matte finishing inside of the case. The designer is offering a soft-goods experience for Elan Form users. We can say bye-bye to the typical plastic and rubber style cases.

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The unique features of this cool Griffin Elan Form iPhone 4 cases are what we should look for when going for shopping. Obviously, this Griffin product comes with a hybrid design that fits iPhone 4 models from all carriers (iPhone 4 and Verizon iPhone 4). Not many iPhone 4 cases are design for both blue or red camp users in mind! The outer shell of Sandy Chilewich's trademarked Mini Basketweave woven vinyl textile surely a iconic feature that only available here. This is a perfect combination that showcase to make the best use of designer's trademarked and functionality. You're getting extra with what you're paying for. Cheers!

Color: Light Gray, Light Gold and Dark Walnut

Available: iPhone 4 / Verizon iPhone 4

You pay: $39.99

Our score: 9.1/10

This Griffin Elan Form + Chilewich iPhone case feature a slim body design with two layers of protection for your iPhone 4. This is yet another big name designer enter the ever hot iPhone cases businesses. Chilewich and Griffin collaboration is a landmark project to showcase how technology, interior design and materials can work together to create awesome and beautiful products to maintain their industry and market leader status. Griffin Elan Form series definitely your best selection cool iPhone 4 cases.

Well, this is just the beginning of the war of iPhone cases market for 2011 and beyond. Meanwhile we are waiting for the arrival of iPhone 5 or what ever name Apple what to call, we're already seeing shadow of some interesting iPhone 5 cases getting market attention!! Before entering the exciting 2012, we are expecting more excitement from Spring, Autumn and Winter going to release collections of coolest iPhone 4 cases !!

Updated: 7 Oct, 2011

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