Count Down for Cool iPhone 5 Cases

Apple expected to unveil next-gen iPhone or iPhone 5 on October 2011? Rumors again? World-wide iPhone fans are waiting too long to experience the coolest ever build Apple smartphone. As we can see many leading iPhone accessories designers or makers are getting ready to introduce their latest yet coolest iPhone 5 cases or covers to the world at the same time Apple showcase their iPhone 5. Be it introduce by Jobs or Cook, we just want the coolest iPhone 5 a bit faster, thinner, wider screen size, cheaper and of course with the coolest 3D feature since the competitors are stealing the Apple's shine with all these features.

As usual, it's very close fight among all manufacturers or retailers trying to attract customers to experience their coolest design of iPhone 5 cases. The theory is very simple, no matter how beautiful the next-gen iPhone can be, I'm surely to put on an awesome iPhone 5 case on the device, nothing more, just for protection because there is always a 2 years contract to serve. LOL! Who know when is my next lay-off since it's recession and it's official!

Take a look these immediate hot CaseMate leaks cool iPhone 5 cases. Real or not real? Time will tell, not far from now, October will be the "hottest" month for all iPhone 5 accessories designers and retailers to compete for more customers.

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Look around your surrounding, you'll observed then strongly believe that most of the iPhone users will buying at least one piece of iPhone case to protect their device from any kind of damages. Just like what we're doing for each iPhone we have. As you can see from our site, we're collecting and showcase countless cool iPhone cases with various design form factors. The collection started on the eve of the first generation of iPhone being introduce to the world. We're expecting many good design of iPhone 5 cases since both the designers and users know each other better than ever,

The successful designers will surely keep on doing what they are doing the best and the brand conscious yet loyal customers will keep on buying and chasing  the next cool iPhone 5 cases!!

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